Metro Specific Learning Disability (SLD) Project

Metro ECSU, in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE), provides support and assistance to address metro district priorities related to appropriate identification and instruction of students with Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD). This project is linked to the state SLD Technical Manual content and the four SLD Training modules.  This Project also coordinates with MDE and other state regions to help districts implement guidance from the new manual as well as other state initiatives involving students with mild disabilities.

Project Components:

  • Consultation is available to metro area districts related to the goals of the project around implementation of quality procedures to assist in the appropriate identification of students with Specific Learning Disabilities, as well as  to increase instructional outcomes for students with mild disabilities. More Info >

  • Staff development support and assistance is available to metro area districts related to information presented in the SLD Training Modules.  These modules of training are available metro-wide 3-4 times per year through Metro ECSU.  This training is also available to individual schools and districts, in components more specifically tailored to their staff development needs and timeframe. More Info >

  • Building District Capacity/Networking Opportunities. This project supports districts in building the capacity of their own staff by training teams in their organization to be knowledgeable presenters of the SLD Training modules content.  These teams increase flexibility for district staff development training by being able to adjust the content components, length and form of delivery to meet individual district needs.  This also develops expertise and leadership opportunities for metro district staff and teams.  When possible, we recommend teams be made up of school psychologists, SLD teachers and Speech Language Pathologists as well as other related staff.

Networking opportunities are provided for these training teams to work with and share expertise with other metro districts, state regions, other state trainers and institutions of higher education. These trainers also have access to additional training opportunities and materials. These metro area trainers are our “Metro SLD Leadership Team”.

Open and print document Current Metro SLD Participating Districts/Charter School Organizations and SLD Leadership Team Members List.pdf

This initiative is made possible in part with a grant from the Minnesota Department of Education using federal funding CFDA 84.027A Special Education—Grants to States.

Contact Information

For more information about support for your district or having a team become part of this metro SLD Leadership group, contact:

Jan Parkman, Region 11 (Metro Region) SLD Coordinator
612 638-1556 |

Metro ECSU . 2 Pine Tree Drive, Suite 101, Arden Hills, Minnesota, 55112 . Phone 612/638-1500 . Fax 612/706-0811 .