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Centers of Excellence for Young Children with Disabilities


Regional Network of Professional Development and Technical Assistance


Early childhood professionals will have the knowledge, skills and supports necessary to be effective in their respective roles in order to increase the probability that young children with disabilities and their families achieve positive outcomes. 


Each of the existing economic development regions houses a “Center of Excellence for Young Children with Disabilities.”  

The centers will provide a high quality, comprehensive, coordinated system of professional development that includes regionalized support, technical assistance and training.  

 The Centers of Excellence will support learning opportunities for district teams in order to promote success across all areas of the INSPIRE ACTION  self-assessment.

Target Audience

What’s Happening Now?

The Minnesota Centers of Excellence for Young Children with Disabilities is available to partner with school districts to provide technical assistance on areas of need as determined by the districts INSPIRE ACTION self – assessment results.

The Centers of Excellence for Young Children with Disabilities continues to support Region 11 school districts expand their abilities to intentionally teach social emotional skills through the TACSEI Pyramid Model framework

Supporting teams to increase their repertoire of skills for supporting families of young children identified with or at risk for conditions known to hinder development continues. The Family-Guided Routines-Based Intervention innovation continues to evolve to meet the needs of local districts.

In the works: the Centers of Excellence is collaborating with the Minnesota Department of Education to develop a system of technical assistance to support teams in providing inclusive and supportive environments for all children. The Child Engagement innovation is coming soon!

Minnesota was awarded an Early Childhood Technical Assistance (ECTA) Grant for the 2014-2016 school years. The Minnesota Centers of Excellence is partnering with the Minnesota Department of Education along with local school districts. The focus of this grant is to help teams increase their ability to implement the DEC Recommended Best Practices, and therefore increasing child and family engagement.

Contact Information

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