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Contact Us

Reach us by phone:

For general questions or directions during business hours, Monday through Friday 8:00 to 4:30, please call our reception desk 612-638-1500.

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Use voicemail outside of business hours and you will be contacted the next business day.

Reach us by e-mail:

Send e-mail correspondence to: info@metroecsu.org

Reach us by mail:

Metro ECSU
2 Pine Tree Dr, Suite 101
Arden Hills, MN 55112

Reach us by fax:

612 706-0811

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Contact Information

Web site: Shuyin Maciel, 612-638-1510 | shuyin.maciel@metroecsu.org

General info: 612-638-1500 | info@metroecsu.org


Contact Information

General info: 612-638-1500 | info@metroecsu.org


Metro ECSU . 2 Pine Tree Drive, Suite 101, Arden Hills, Minnesota, 55112 . Phone 612/638-1500 . Fax 612/706-0811 . info@metroecsu.org