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Metro ECSU Program Directory

Metro ECSU Administration

Julie Frame, Executive Director,

Celine Horn, Financial Services, 612/638-1503

Ingrid Aasan, Director of Special Education, Regional Low Incidence Facilitator, 612/638-1517

Maggie Theisen, Financial Services, 612/638-1504

Cathy Macdonald, Director of Operations, 612/638-1516

Martina Wagner, Director of Development, 612/638-1525

Environmental Health & Safety Services

Mike Weigel, Facilities and Environmental Health & Safety Specialist, 612/638-1505

Cindy Bernier, Support Services, 612/638-1512

Metropolitan Principals' Academy

Julie Frame, Executive Director,

Susan Frame, Support Services, 612/638-1512

Success Beyond the Classroom Student Programs

Cathy Macdonald, Director,

Kelly Ascheman, Learning Consultant, 612/638-1555

Gina Jacobson, Learning Consultant, 612/638-1521

Betsy Narr, Learning Consultant, 612/638-1536

Colleen Feller, Learning Consultant, 612/638-1511

Nancy Busse, Support Services, 612/638-1554

Julie Schaal, Learning Consultant,


K-12 Professional Development

Susan Frame, Learning Consultant, 612/638-1543

Cathy Macdonald, Strategic Instruction Model (SIM),

Martina Wagner, ELL Consultant


Special Education

Ingrid Aasan, Director of Special Education, Regional Low Incidence Facilitator, 612/638-1517

Sarah Meyer, Regional ECSE Facilitator, 612/638-1530

Kathy Anderson, Statewide Early Hearing Detection/Intervention Specialist, 612/638-1546

Ann Maczuga, Regional ECSE Facilitator, 612/638-1557

Hope Brandt, Regional ECSE Facilitator, 612/638-1552

Kathy McKay, Child Find/Public Awareness Coordinator

Rich Burke, Statewide Specialist for Developmental Adapted Physical Education, 651/621-6182

Jan Parkman, Regional 11 SLD Coordinator

Dolly Carr, Learning Consultant,

Deanna Rothbauer, DeafBlind Project Coordinator & Family Specialist, 612/638-1531

Tami Childs, Coordinator, Minnesota Autism Project,

Sarah Ryan-Wood, Support Services, 612/638-1501

Beth Dorsey, Regional ECSE Facilitator, 612/638-1542

Marty Smith, Region 11 Help Me Grow IEIC Grant Coordinator

Cathy Lyle, Statewide DeafBlind Specialist, 612/638-1526

Lauren Sparr, Learning Consultant, 612/638-1534

Sally Hansen, Regional ECSE Facilitator, 612/638-1541

Deb Williamson, Statewide Traumatic Brain Injury & Physically Impaired Specialist,

Shuyin Maciel, Graphic Design & Support Services, 612/638-1510


Contact Information

Julie Frame, Executive Director
612/638-1508 | julie.frame@metroecsu.org

Metro ECSU . 2 Pine Tree Drive, Suite 101, Arden Hills, Minnesota, 55112 . Phone 612/638-1500 . Fax 612/706-0811 . info@metroecsu.org