Metro ECSU Membership

Active membership in Metro ECSU is open to each public school district which has chosen to join the cooperative by paying the appropriate membership fees. Participating and voting privileges in the governance of the cooperative is limited to active members.

Associate membership is open to other school administrative units and other qualifying agencies within or outside the Metro ECSU region by paying the appropriate membership fees. Associate members may not vote or hold office in the governance of the cooperative. They are also ineligible for some discounts that only full membership provides.

Membership in Metro ECSU is also open to cities, counties or municipalities.

Annual Fees for Service
Joining the cooperative not only ensures that valuable services will be available when needed, but also means direct savings when services are accessed (by 50% for most services).

Full membership Fee: $700 base fee + $.90 per pupil
Associate Membership Fee: $700 fee

Contact Information

Susan Frame, Learning Consultant, 612/638-1543 |