The Four Modules of SLD Training

State-Initiated, Federally Funded Special Education Programs

Consumer Guide to Systems of Scientific Research- Based Interventions and Assessments

This presentation provides an overview of Multi-tiered Systems of Support, including:

  • Overall features,
  • Information about decision-making and interventions at various levels, including special education
  • The four types of assessments included at all levels (screening, diagnostic, progress monitoring, for eligibility).

This content provides basic information for districts moving toward this educational model as well as background information for using the “D” part of SLD eligibility.

Navigating Changes in SLD Rule Criteria

This presentation provides an overview of the Minnesota Rule for SLD eligibility, including information to consider regarding Inadequate Achievement (A), Basic Psychological Processing (B), Severe discrepancy (C), and Inadequate Rate of Progress (D) as well as exclusionary factors.

Integrating Multiple Sources of Data for a SLD Evaluation

This presentation provides a framework for integrating data from various sources for making effective decisions. This framework suggests how to integrate Record Reviews, Interviews, Observations, and Testing (RIOT) with intervention data to look at the variables of Instruction, Curriculum, Environment, as well as the Learner (ICEL). This presentation focuses on need to synthesize information from multiple sources in order to design an individualized comprehensive evaluation and to summarize that information into a complete PLAAFP for a Standards-Based IEP.

Linking Achievement and Basic Psychological Processes

This presentation provides an overview of basic psychological processes and the terms used in the SLD Rule as well as in current research.
Also provides assistance in looking for patterns of basic psychological processing weaknesses across settings and linking these to appropriate instructional design, accommodations, etc. Participants have the opportunity to apply this knowledge to a case study and also receive job aides to help with identification and instructional planning.

Note: Another variation developed combines Modules I and III into one presentation, making three modules instead of four. Other variations have been created, including versions cutting content into half-day segments.  This creates the ability to individualize the content based on district staff development needs.

This initiative is made possible in part with a grant from the Minnesota Department of Education using federal funding CFDA 84.027A Special Education—Grants to States.

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For more information about support for your district or having a team become part of this metro SLD Leadership group, contact:

Jan Parkman, Region 11 (Metro Region) SLD Coordinator
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