Child Find/Public Awareness Budget Sub-Committee

An statewide initiative that conducts outreach and public awareness activities to connect young children who have developmental delays or disabilities and their families to free early intervention services.


Budget Sub-Commitee Membership


Approved Budget from January 2014 Meeting (pdf)

Approved Budget from September 2015-16 Meeting (pdf)

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Contact Information

Marty Smith, Region 11 Help Me Grow Interagency Early Intervention Committee (IEIC) Project Coordinator
651-247-3429, | Find us on Facebook

Kathy McKay, Region 11 Help Me Grow Child Find and Public Awareness Coordinator,
651 728-0400,

Centers of Excellence

We offer a variety of regional workshops providing the opportunity to learn with educators from other schools and districts around the region. For more information go to the Centers of Excellence page.

MN Low Incidence Projects

Our Projects are designed to assist school districts across the state in fulfilling federal requirements in the areas of implementation of the IDEA. For more information go to the MN Low Incidence Projects page.

Metro Specific Learning Disability Project

Metro ECSU, in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Education, provides support and assistance to students with Specific Learning Disabilities. For more information go to the Specific Learning Disability Project page.

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Greater Minnesota Launch PAD

AGM Launch PAD is a program that provides culturally affirmative psychological assessments to students (ages 0-21) who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing and DeafBlind, who live in Greater Minnesota (outside the 7 county metro area) and attend a Minnesota public school.

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