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Metro ECSU Partnerships

Cooperative Insurance Services

Metro ECSU partners with various insurance brokers in the areas of long-term disability, and life insurance. Members can receive significant cost-savings in the purchase of policies for their groups.

Facility Solutions – Plan, Build, Operate

Metro ECSU partners with ICS to provide innovative facility solutions that help you plan, build, and operate your building well. Customized services integrate the planning, funding, construction, and ongoing operations of facilities while helping you throughout all phases of a building project.

Levy and Bond Strategies

Metro ECSU partners with Rapp Strategies Inc, a full-service strategy and communications firm that has extensive experience working with school districts. Rapp Strategies has helped more than 45 school districts in the Upper Midwest develop strategies for school building projects and operating levy renewals and increases. Contact: Todd Rapp, toddrapp@rappstrategies.com
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MN Service Cooperative Cyber Insurance Program

Metro ECSU partners with Hausmann-Johnson for cyber security. The private information you store isn’t the only thing at risk with a cyber attack; your financial outlook and the public’s trust in you is on the line as well.  This program helps address the two most significant aspects of a cyber-security plan: pre-breach mitigation and post-breach response.

Contact Information

Cooperative Insurance Services, Facility Solutions, Levy & Bond Strategies, Cyber Insurance
Susan Frame, 612-638-1543, susan.frame@metroecsu.org
Executive Assistant/Office Manager

Cooperative Purchasing Services

A wide variety of products are available with our program, the Cooperative Purchasing Connection. Vendor contracts are established through a formal bid process conducted by Minnesota Service Cooperatives (MSC).

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Metro ECSU Membership

Active membership in Metro ECSU is open to each public school district which has chosen to join the cooperative by paying the appropriate membership fees. With membership districts can participate and vote in the governance of the co-op.

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