MELN Leadership In-Service Series

Developing Leadership Skills

2018-2019 Events

Traditional Format — AM Session 8:30 - 11:30 or PM Session 12:30 - 3:30

Yancy Unger — Modernizing Curriculum for Equitable Opportunities in Learning:
A Leader’s Role

October 9, 2018, TIES , ST. PAUL

Personalizing, individualizing, standards-based, student-centered, learner-centered learning? There is an urgency for school leaders to move from traditional schools to learner-centered cultures, but which model or system is best? To move forward, leaders must clearly understand the differences in both the instruction and philosophies. This shift is complex and demands a special set of leadership behaviors and actions. Join us as we explore numerous models for learner-centered learning and the nuances and leadership behaviors most prudent for this type of change.
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Tyrone Martinez-Black (CASEL) — Uncovering Frameworks: Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Embedded in Content Areas

November 27, 2018, TIES , ST. PAUL
The ultimate goal in a district, school or classroom is to deliver content to all students, but the way content is often delivered is insufficient for a good number of our students. Integrating Social Emotional Learning (SEL) with academic content is a key strategy in creating inclusive learning environments. Join us as we learn how to construct an SEL focused framework that can be used as a starting point for individual content, schools, and districts.
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Caroline Hill — Transitioning to an Equity Centered Design Approach

January 23, 2019, TIES , ST. PAUL

Equity work helps us understand where we are and how we got here, but it is often missing the tools for building a different reality. This session will explore practices that merge the consciousness of racial equity work with the methodology of design thinking and connect these with systems focused on personalizing learning for learners. Learn how to understand practices that integrate equity and inclusion mindsets, and how to center this work in instructional systems. Explore the “redesigned” design processes, mindsets and tools that support equity work, and learn to practice a bias to action mindset and the use of equity pauses in your own practice as a leader. Register online at

Nurturing Powerful Learners through Personalized Learning

February 12, 2019, TIES , ST. PAUL

In this session, explore the five key levers that can be used for all learners. Learn about the honeycomb model for personalized learning, a comprehensive multi-layered framework centered on the three core components of personalized learning. Rickabaugh will share strategies and tools for assessing and adjusting the model to meet the needs of students, staff, and other stakeholders.
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